Criminal Dinner

Criminal Dinner

Fantastic Food & Murder Mystery

This special event is an experience to remember – with more than just good food to enjoy. The murder mystery dinner theatre at ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart offers you an experience that will transport you out of your everyday routine with a gourmet meal served in a stylish atmosphere. Enjoy an exquisite three-course menu accompanied by a special tale of whodunnit.

With their wealth of charm and humour, the expert actors know how to include the guests in their play – and so detectives, chief inspectors and guests plunge headlong into the investigation of a mysterious case of murder! The clues keep mounting and soon the gentleman at the neighbouring table becomes a possible suspect. Or was it the lady who just left the room? Things stay exciting until the end, but this much can be revealed: the killer always gets caught in the end! Rack your brains and help uncover the murderous secret. Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable murder mystery dinner experience. All performances in German.

Criminal Dinner

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Dates & Price

All shows start at 7.00 p.m.
EUR 79.00 per person including 3-course meal

Due to the current situation, the Criminal Dinner is being postponed. The new date will be announced in time.


The Deadly Legacy

Help Inspector Watson of Scotland Yard solve the curious murder of an eccentric Scottish lord. Take up the case and track down the murderer through clever deduction and detective work. With the crime scene reconstruction and a detailed analysis of the circumstances of the crime, fun and excitement are guaranteed. The detectives who solve the case will receive a special reward from Inspector Watson himself.

Sherlock Holmes and the Poisoned Maultaschen Soup

Yes, the famous master detective Sherlock Holmes and myself, Dr. Watson, are investigating a crime right here in Swabia. And it’s an extremely tricky case at that, because the investigation appears to rule out poison as the cause of death. Perhaps you can help solve this murder mystery – after all, you’ve got a word to say this evening too. Performance in Swabian dialect

Testament à la Carte

Professor William Chattney is dead. He was a famous scientist. But before his last will and testament can be read, the guests must help reconstruct the life of the deceased. An easy enough task, if it weren’t for Detective Johnson. He’s investigating Chattney’s death as a homicide. Who killed Professor Chattney. And how? What was he working on at the time of his death? And what secrets did he take to his grave?

Bloodlust in the cowshed

A small Swabian town is in turmoil! A body was found in between cows, tractors and bundles of straw. The evidence keeps piling up and everyone is a suspect. Suddenly it is revealed that Rudi, the popular and much-loved town drunk, is missing. Is his disappearance related to the murder? The townsfolk no longer know who to trust! Constables Conni and Petra have to solve this tricky case – and they need your help!

Murder in the Swabian Clinic

Welcome to the Happy Souls Sanatorium – THE place to go for Swabians who’ve strayed from the straight and narrow. But the future of the clinic is called into question after a number of unexplained deaths! Are they a coincidence or is it murder? It’s up to you to find out! This interactive murder mystery dinner requires your active participation!

Detective Chief Inspector Schröder investigates

At this crime comedy dinner, oddball Detective Chief Inspector Schröder has to solve a mysterious murder. Rushing to the scene of the crime, he almost becomes a victim himself. And that on his birthday! To top it all off, his incompetent boss, the forensics people and his own mother are all making life difficult for him. And Susi’s disappeared! Who’s Susi? Find out whether Chief Inspector Schröder can solve this tricky case. But watch out! You could die laughing!


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