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ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart

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Siegel Nachhaltigkeit

Inspired by Spain’s Camino de Santiago, the ARCOTEL Camino turns the Way of St. James into an unparalleled hotel experience. Every room is a pilgrimage of its own. Here, in one of the greenest metropolitan regions in Europe, people from all over the world come together in peace and harmony. The architecture and design take up this theme with confident contrasts of sandstone, light leather and dark woods. Say goodbye to your daily routine and open yourself up to new, positive experiences.

ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart

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Green Key Certification

Green Key is a voluntary sustainability certification program and one of the leading standards for excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operations in the tourism industry.
Currently, over 4,000 facilities in 60 countries hold the Green Key certificate.

Green Key represents the commitment of a business to its guests, assuring them that their stay makes a contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. The high standards in environmental management and sustainability education are scrutinized through a rigorous application process and regular audits at the hotel. The certificate is valid for one year at a time.

Sustainability at ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart

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