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Sustainable travel is a major trend. Even on city trips, you can make a personal contribution to the environment with little effort. If you want to travel in an environmentally friendly way, you should switch to train, bus, or electric car. If the distance allows it, this is particularly worth considering for city trips and short breaks. In addition to environmentally friendly arrival and departure, the choice of accommodation also plays a significant role. For travelers, the Green Key certification of the ARCOTEL Camino is often a decisive booking factor today. Understandably, because conscience travels with you and at the same time provides the assurance that the environmental idea is being honestly lived in our house - a good feeling!

That is why we take our responsibility and obligation to society, the environment, and our planet very seriously. Some examples from our daily efforts at ARCOTEL Camino: The hotel is already equipped with LED lighting. Waste separation, water-saving systems for reduced water consumption, automation-supported regulation of kitchen exhaust air, and less paper consumption through email invoices also contribute to environmental protection. Many green ideas come from the employees who are enthusiastically involved in the implementation.

ARCOTEL Camino is awarded the internationally recognized sustainability certificate Green Key. We work daily to meet Green Key's criteria and see this certification as an important signal for our guests, customers, partners, and employees. Green Key is awarded in over 60 countries and is one of the leading standards for excellent performance in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable tourism.
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The fact that we act ecologically responsibly in the hotel is encountered by our guests throughout the entire house. Many environmentally protective activities also run in secret.

 Our Green Team, with members from all areas of the hotel, continuously works on realizing our sustainable ideas and sets goals for continuous improvement.

 We have taken measures to reduce water and energy consumption and are constantly working to further reduce consumption.

 We use energy-saving lighting.

 Through targeted purchasing, we reduce the daily amount of waste. The resulting waste is sorted and recycled.

 We take measures to reduce food waste.

 We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents with an eco-label.

 We offer regional, vegetarian and vegan dishes and drinks, as well as organic products.

 Our hotel laundry is Fair Trade.

 We not only actively involve our employees in daily efforts and provide regular sustainability training, but we also cover the costs of public transportation.

Would you like to support us in making a positive change?
With our "Give bees a chance" initiative, we offer you the opportunity to do so. Join us!

Because ARCOTEL Hotels has been committed to the protection and preservation of the bee population for almost ten years. Under the patronage of Dr. Renate Wimmer, owner of the group, this initiative developed an unexpected momentum among guests and employees alike.

If hotel guests who stay for more than one night forego room cleaning, a contribution flows into the ARCOTEL donation pot. Over 240,000 bee-friendly guests have participated so far and have been able to achieve great things with a small gesture. This campaign will also support dedicated bee protection projects in Germany and Austria this year. In addition, the flat roofs of ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna and ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg are comfortable "city apartments" for bee colonies.

"We are grateful that our project has been so positively received and is continuously supported by our guests - without them, we would not be able to implement our far-reaching commitment to bee protection" says Dr. Renate Wimmer. "We must always be aware of how much our life and our everyday actions depend on a functioning“.


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Green Key Certification

Green Key is a voluntary sustainability certification program and one of the leading standards for excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry.
Currently, over 4,000 establishments in 60 countries have obtained the Green Key certification.

Green Key represents a promise from a business to its guests that their stay will make a contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. The high standards in environmental management and sustainability education are assessed through a rigorous application process and regular audits at the hotel. The certificate is valid for one year.

The program is managed by the Foundation for Environmental Education. For more information, please visit the Green Key website ( or contact them via email at

Our Green Key Certificate