Camino Stories

Camino Stories

“Let’s try something new!” thought the ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart and so realised its dream of having its own video blog on YouTube. "Caminogeschichten" - Camino Stories, the video blog of the 4-star superior hotel in the middle of Stuttgart, gives new insights every month into the daily routine of the hotel’s approximately 70 employees, plus a look at events and behind the scenes. The Stuttgart staff show what they can do with lots of charm and wit. Only in German language.

Camino Stories

Content Blocks

Caminogeschichten Vol. 1

Der completely normal madness

The first video blog introduces viewers to several of the hotel departments with an at-times humorous look at the daily work routine!

Caminogeschichten Vol. 2

10 years full of encounters

The second video blog looks back at the ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart anniversary party on 20 January 2018 in celebration of the 10th anniversary. Check it out!

Caminogeschichten Vol. 3

Lost property in the hotel

This video blog gives you an insight into the lost and found at our hotel. You’ll be surprised by all the things people leave behind!

Caminogeschichten Vol. 4

Limonade & Spring Break

Here we show you two great drinks for hot summer days: our ARCOTEL Camino house lemonade and the Spring Break Cocktail with homemade apple syrup. Try ’em at home!

Caminogeschichten Vol. 5


In this video, General Manager Peter Leidig guides you through the hotel. Enjoy the tour!

Caminogeschichten Vol. 6

Treading paths together

This time you will accompany our team on an outing to Alsace under the motto “making our way together”.

Caminogeschichten Vol. 7

DIY Kaiserschmarrn – Original recipe

In this video we show you how you can easily make a delicious, classic Kaiserschmarrn yourself. Have fun and good luck!

Caminogeschichten Vol. 8


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