A safe experience at ARCOTEL Hotels

Your SAFETY is by FAR the highest priority for us!
We at ARCOTEL Hotels strictly adhere to the specifications of the respective federal governments.
Our partner Diversey has provided us with their cleaning and hygiene concept for all hotel areas, which guarantees the protection and well-being of our guests in all ARCOTEL Hotels!


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Disinfection dispensers are available for our guests in all ARCOTEL Hotels.
We take compliance with the minimum safe distance very seriously.
Contactless payment is possible at
all ARCOTEL hotels.

Wherever disposable products are necessary, ARCOTEL searches for sustainable solutions.

Our employees receive regular training in hygiene and cleaning protocols.
All cleaning and disinfection activities are recorded daily .
We believe that washing hands regularly is a matter of course.

All rooms throughout the entire hotel are ventilated with fresh air on a regular basis.
Critical areas throughout the hotels are disinfected multiple times a day.
All floors and surfaces in the public areas are cleaned several times daily.
The CO2 levels in the rooms are regularly measured with an air quality monitor.