Dinner & Magic

Dinner & Magic


Experience the unbelievable stage magic of Golden Ace, with riveting performances alternating with four courses of culinary delights from our kitchen team.
Forget everything you’ve ever seen before! The magician duo Golden Ace can read your mind and will put audience members under their spell to make them do what they want despite believing that they are free to make their own choices. Golden Ace promise a colourful performance with hypnosis and magical surprises: poetic, exciting, gripping, paired with a touch of humour with which the two magicians charm and delight the audience.

Alexander Hunte and Martin Köster are also masters of the subtler undertones of the magical arts. They take their audience by the hand and lead them into a world of wonder. In their stage performance, the two artists let objects disappear from out of the hands of spectators only to make them reappear in inexplicable places. With seeming ease, the magicians and hypnotists read people’s thoughts and influence them on their journey into the world of magic – always discreet but always entertaining. Again and again, the audience has to laugh at the slightly ironic humour of the magicians while slowly realising that each of their tricks and stories has its magical beauty and its very own special meaning. Performance in German.

Date & Price

14 March 2020
Admission from 6.45 p.m.| show starts at 7.00 p.m.
EUR 89.00 per person including 4-course menu


All dates as well as a direct booking option can be found at www.golden-ace.de




Dinner & Magic